Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Oh Beautiful

There comes a time when one needs to find joy in solitude
I can only catch my breath when I stand still
This is my road
For God and I to travel alone
So, the world must stop for now
My world must stop for now

Just in time to find myself sitting in the middle of a field
With no movement
Frozen in a painting of time
Where I can bow with a truly grateful heart

I could have went my whole life
Never made it here
But God wanted to share this moment with me
Encouraged to move
But sometimes I move the fastest while standing still
And I sincerely for the first time
Don't need anything else

Mass confusion was the illusion of a dinner guest
At my table for one
Now it seems to be for two
And I'm addicted to the joy
I'm in love with the peace
I find my dreams comes to life in the stillness of youth

But fire still burns
In this little heart of mine
A piece of the fire that's been burning since the beginning of time
Oh, beautiful Love


m said...

Very peaceful, I felt at peace just reading it. You really have developed a lot as a writer.

Jazmine said...

I love it. I love it. I wish I were creative...

Chris said...

This is a great poem. I always told you you have a way with words. The message is inspiring about god always being there. Exellent stuff. ENjoy your 8 AM class in the morning