Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Apathy Got the Best of Me

I loved your eyes
Even after they turned black
And you couldn't really open them
I still saw life

I remember when you stopped talking
And walked around like you were floating
We used to get stoned together
But it didn't have the same effect on me
That it had on you

You let confusion into your soul
Swayed to the rhythms of the island
And just
When I looked over
You were in the middle of the room taking off your clothes

You never did change
Always giving the finger to the world
Every chance you got

But somehow I knew
The same apathy you showed to the world
You would eventually show to me

You just didn't want to feel pain
And who can blame you
But I still can't help but think
The you never meant to cause it either
But your apathy got the best of us both

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