Saturday, February 2, 2008

That Was Our Hill

We sat on that hill top
Watched the sun go down just in time to watch it rise
You put your hand in mine
I think you made the stars shine brighter
I sat in a puddle of pure love on that hill
I stood and danced in the moonlight
I could feel you watching me
And you knew that I was meant to be free
You politely asked if you could dance with me
I was never one to turn down company
You tried to look into my eyes to know how much they burned
But I continued to turn and turn
I was scared to let you know how much I cared
You might have been the reason I wanted to sit down
And I wasn't ready to stop dancing
The moon danced with me
It's light fell over my face and down my body in celebration of youth
It was me with the world and then you

I've grown older now
I don't dance as freely as before
I don't do things without knowing for sure
But I went back to that hill to see if I could find you
Still one step away from a baby
Sitting under the stars
Then what I knew all along proved to be true
Time treats us all the same
I guess that neither of us ever found the fountain of youth


Courtney said...

yo catie this is court and that was really amazing! i loved it! what i think it means is about time wasted... how you could have been with that person but you were to scared to tell them how you felt and then its to late your life already passed you by. and you didnt tell each other how you felt all cuz you were to scared... at least thats how i interrupted it and thats what it means to me :) good job girl! your an AMAZING writer :)

Jennifer said...

I love this one,'s really good.

I love you!!!