Friday, May 30, 2008


Do you secretly know
All the things I think
And when my mind is weak
It's been so long
And it feels so good to be away
But whenever you call
I want to run your way
I don't want you
I never did
At one point I needed you
But that was all I could believe

I don't understand
Why do you patronize me?
The weakest part
Wants to be hit
As long as I'm not lonely
When did I become so weak?
To think you were anything
But a sad lie
You see?

I sat here today
Counting the ways
That everything turned out okay
And the things that I don't think about anymore
Time used to heal nothing
But now heals everything
The secrets we keep
And the times we leave
Asking for someone to seek
So, I'd never have to be lonely

But now you
Are just a dream
And sometimes I doubt that you exist

You can live where you please
But not in my head
And not in my dreams

1 comment:

Jennifer said...

Sometimes I wonder, how as Christians, we can still feel so alone. I mean...isn't He always with us. He didn't he promise us that He would be?

But then how come we are always looking for people to keep us from feeling alone. I do it all the time.

Hmmmmm...I love you