Wednesday, May 14, 2008


I'm trying to remember a time
When summers where just that
The only worry I had
Was who I was going out with
Who conveniently had a pool
But then again
I just don't remember

If I could remember
I assume that there might have been
A little less stress
A few less lines on my face
Maybe it's just me
Or this is how everyone turns out to be

So, if these cigarettes don't kill me
The stress will
My mother and I might be alike
We both kill ourselves
For no apparent reason

I guess this is how they will always be
I wish I would have known to savor my time
When I still had some time of my own
Instead of waiting a few hours
For classes to start again
For the next standardized test
The next sign that I'm not going to make it
Another day of work
An already spent check
A parent falling apart
Siblings who never call
Ex-lover who never cared at all

Happy Summer

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