Friday, May 30, 2008

Dark Nights

It's so dark outside
While I sit outside
And for two moments the world stops
And I wonder why
We all go day to day
Using things to occupy our lives away
Never knowing why
Greed is so far the best motivator of humanity
The root of democracy
Why do we all want more?
It is because some where
We all know
There is a deep hole that cries out to us all
Something we don't talk about
We sell our souls to lie about
And at the end of the day
All of have left is an image
That we forfeit everything to protect
And none of us understand
That it doesn't mean anything
In the vast expansion of eternity
That on this earth
None of us
That there has to be so much more than this
A husband and some kids
Can't be all I live for
Not anymore
Sleepless nights
With fear to be the company at my side
Fearless people somehow finding fear in the darkness of night
Controlling thoughts and movements
Where I can and can not go
This is the fear that we all fear
Somewhere deep in the human soul
And we don't know why
Some die
So young
Is God protecting us from things that don't fit?
Not into our 70 years of life
And does He let some of live
Because He that we can take all these things
That we dodge
And at all cost refuse to believe
Is there a strength He gives
That allows us to live
Inside a world that we can hardly see
Is there a God ability?
In all of us
That only God himself can see

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