Friday, May 16, 2008

How Do We Grow Up

To some extent
We all choose the road we travel to grow up
Some of us choose a road that lasts forever
Dying just as child minded as we ever were
Denial works for some
What we can't see
Can't be there
And then some of us face it all head on
But forget that in everything
There are always choices
So, we avoid
We fight
We give in
Because everything works itself out in the end
But either way
Most of us will grow up
But that price we must pay for being adults
Is to be crippled in some way
And like today
I see my limp leg in a new way
I realize that the path I chose
Got me to where I am
But left scars that will always show
And if I ever find a way to take them away
Every time I look at my leg
Mark or not
I will remember what happened in that place
So, the same way that none of us make it out of here alive
None of us grow up without having to depend on a mind
Forced into servitude by the body
That saw worse days

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