Wednesday, July 8, 2009

The Voice

Floating on at least half the clouds in the sky
Or from what can be detected by a human eye

Flirting with the wind
Chasing the rays of the sun
Reach down
Touching with a firm hand
The deepest parts
Of a human

Asking with all sincerity
"Who are you?
Not just today
But in everything.
Who are you?"

And a person
Or speaking for myself
Might quote all the things I do
All the things I have done
All the things I hope to be...

But all the while I mask the fact
That I can not be sure
If any of that is really me

So, I have but one reply
And I can not speak for everyone
I can not even be sure if I am right

But I said to the sky
"I am human
I am a women
And I wish to be a servant
I am humbled by the world around me
And foolishly prideful
About gifts that only God has given me
I am a stranger in a foreign land
I am a skeptic
And I don't trust man
I am human
I am trying
And by the grace of God
I have started to see what it means to be loving
I am always learning"

The voice in the sky never replied
The wind never told me if I was right
The rays of the sun never painted answers
On my scorching body

But I pray it is enough
That I am learning

And as always
When I am not enough
God's grace covers me

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