Friday, July 10, 2009

Down in Flames

Move away from the ledge
I am tired of your games

And it's not fair
That even if you don't care
I have to

But you're the only salvation
For this desperate situation
And I'm tired of casually talking
In the middle of this burning building

I have to get out now
But I'm glued to the floor

And you just keep telling me
To stop talking about the burning building
And just make some light conversation...

So I will talk about the weather
While my tears try to put out the fire
That has now reached my feet
And you will answer just as calmly

Can't you see?
Your denial takes a toll on me

And I can't save you
You don't want to save yourself
But as pathetic as it is
I'll burn in this building
Because most days I would rather go down with you
Than spend a day without

You brought me back from the dead
You gave me life
And you gave me everything I needed
To go down in these flames
Were you preparing me for this day?

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