Thursday, July 16, 2009

Fly With Me

Born into the woods of desperation
Fallen out of the nest to learn to fly
With clipped wings

Again to ponder love saving us
For one another

Two lovely looking sets
Of clipped wings

Learn to fly
So I can fly with you
But even if I take flight
Into the tops of the trees
Marked with desperation
Exhaling hope
It does no good
I can not carry your weight with me

Breathing life into my childhood dreams
I see more than me

Unclasp your wings
Fly with me
And we won't ever have to touch the ground again
We'll float off into our dreams
Unspoiled by the way things are
Instead lived out the way they were meant to be

But I can't wait for you to use your wings
I fly
Wherever the wind takes me

Time is running out
I'm gone
But I shed a tear for the memories
Knowing that all that's left to gain
Is everything

Come with me

1 comment:

GKM said...

like it:) has that balance of not letting someone ruin your life as well as being sensitive to the pain of letting go... like the last line