Friday, March 25, 2011

Not Yet

Death is like a wind

Feel it coming
Never knowing exactly when it will arrive

Death is a thief
Running in quickly
Just so we can never wake up
To know that everything is gone

Death is a game
And we're all playing

Death showed up on your door
And I saw him
So clearly
He showed up
In the form of god-like masses in your body
Taking at will with no one to tell them

That's enough
It's enough

He doesn't respect age
Or at least not from what I have seen
And I should have told him
You're too young and it's not your time
I should have told him

I should have done a good many things
But this wasn't supposed to be about me
Because you may never open another birthday present again
And that's the feeling...
The one that haunts me
The one that begs me to run off the face of the earth
And never stop

This one is for you my friend
This one is for you

He doesn't have you yet

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