Saturday, March 26, 2011

Let Go

I underestimated my circumstances
My feelings
My life

It was so easy
For so long
Believing these lies
But I sit in doubt

The first time things did work out I was told that maybe it wasn't my time, maybe it was a chance to learn to how to let go.

I said it again
The second time
The third
And every single time since the first time I realized
That life wasn't like my movies
Or even my dreams
Life was just a series of things
That probably won't work out

I've been letting go
This has been a journey
A long road
Of learning to let go
Learning to be the next best thing
And then watch
As the next next best thing rolled around
I'm letting go

I have been letting go


Your weakness sits in me
A constant reminder that one day
I'll forget how to hold on
Forget how to believe that in the end
I'm am strong
For better or worse

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