Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Bricks and Endings

I had been uncertain of our future
Midst the concrete of our past
And somewhere along the way I grew enough
To know the difference

There was a storm that took us by surprise
I was more surprised that it took so long to get here
And you seemed shocked at it's presence

You told me I was pessimistic
But we were a time bomb
Waiting to explode
And when we did
I walked
Shrapnel clinging to my body
I ran

They said I was heartless
They said a good many things
But I survive
I've been surviving
Since the day that cord wrapped around my neck
I learned that live wasn't going to hand me anything
Including my first breath

You were not a victim
I painted you as a glorified bystander
And you were
You were
A bystander that I loved enough to break for
Picking up the pieces as I ran from our past
And crushed our future
I still love you

You were a rock made out of sand
And I was a block of ice with a pretty face
We were made for each other
Neither of us looking like what we really were
A facade of sorts
So oddly familiar
That I melted right into you
And hoped you wouldn't be angered
By the mess

Take life in strides
Keep your running shoes tied
And you'll never be disappointed
Until the last mile where you realize that you've been running alone
Trying to win a race of one
And that seems to defeat to purpose
But who said there had to be a purpose
Breathe a little
Breathe for yourself

It fell on me like a ton of bricks
I wanted so much to believe in the world
And the words sunk into my bones
Floated in my blood
And buried themselves
Deep in my brain

"In the end
Take care of yourself, baby
Because no one else ever will"

The end

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