Wednesday, March 9, 2011


The streets were calling me
Begging me to walk
To run
To get from point A to point B
Begging for anything


It's never been my strong point
But don't worry
I'm still trying to believe

The city called me

I was too little to know that my soul would be buried
In the bottom of an eternally tall building
I just wondered how they got that way
Without falling on top of me

The wind took my hair
Only down because my mom was out of town
And my dad doesn't know how to make a ponytail
Remember dad, if we are nothing else
We are correct

That was the same day I learned about the tunnels
You know
The way the wind blows between the buildings
And with the lack of moment in my legs
That were just learning how to walk
I started walking backwards


I didn't know much
But I could swear that I was propelling my feet forward
And that damn building was getting farther
And farther

Until my dad picked me up swinging me over his shoulders saying...
"Maybe another day"

That was it

I was too little to spell my name
And I was unsure about what I was supposed to be
But I knew I would grow up eventually
Two eternities away
Stretching across my favorite galaxy

That was it

The day I knew that when my eternities passed
When life beat the hell out of me
And I stood back up

I'd be back on this street
Propelling my feet forward
With no one to help me

I found myself
In the middle of that street 16 years later
With a few more bags under my eyes
And a little less innocence
But still wanting

I found myself
And stood
For what was my new eternity
And kept walking

Dad, I kept walking

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