Saturday, March 27, 2010

Wonder in Bits and Moments

I told you that things would be wonderful

A little girl
And I knew
Things would be wonderful

Those fields had to look just like the rest of the world
And I could have laid in those flowers
For hours
Never wondering who made them
Or from where they came
All I needed to know
Was that they were all around me

They could have been made just for those hours
Where they were my only dancing partners
And I didn't think that I would ever feel alone again

I knew
The world was made for wonder

It was in my eyes
In my dance
In my dress
And the wind that kept me spinning
In everything

There is wonder in everything

And I see it
I see it now

It is a blessing more so than a curse
To fall in love with everything around me
And live with with a broken heart
When I leave one field for another

It teaches me to hope
To pray
To see wonder
In everything

And fall in love again and again
An abandon to be in love with everyone
And every bit and moment of creation
To live loving
I always wondered if it would be as wonderful as I thought

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