Monday, March 15, 2010

Future Daughter

Dress up your dolls
Play house
And dream

I wish I could tell you
That life will always look the same as it does
When you're 2 or 3
There is nothing to look back on
And everything to look forward to

Play hide and seek
When it's still the only thing
To fill your day
Between milk and cookies

Dream all that you can
And hold them in your heart
For the days when you have an Egypt to look back on
And you're in the desert

I wish that I could tell you
That life will always look like forts in the back yard
And climbing trees

But, baby
There is a day when you will exist
When you will grow up
Have your first broken heart
And the only thing that I will be able to do
Is stroke your hair while you cry
Trying to convince you that you will love again
No matter how little you believe me...

There will be a day

And all I have to say is..

Enjoy your moments
Every little day
As long as they seem
When so few are behind you

Dreams of the land of promise
That is only ahead
And never fear the desert
Because the Lord holds
And I will hold you too
I will hold you too

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