Saturday, March 6, 2010

Day to Day Thing

The memories rushed in like a tidal wave

Four days ago didn't seem so different from five years

Fifteen years old and I swore that I would wear black for the rest of my life
Not in a statement
But in a declaration that in mourning
I would never find another for me

He was perfect to a 14 year old girl
And his laughed lived in my brain
Bouncing from side to side
As the days
Rolled on
Never ending and never forgiving

Grief is a burden of this world
And it never gets easier

We live with the burns
And we soothe them with love
It's a day to day thing


GKM said...

"Time is not a healer. Time is merely a revealer of how God does the healing" (Ravi Zacharias quoting a man who had lost his daughter in a plane crash)

Anonymous said...

Your blogs are incredible. Thanks for reading mine. Velvet Elvis is one of my favorite books! If you've read anything else like it, please recommend it to me.