Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Take Me Away

So, in the midst of my crazy life I had a slight moment of inspiration today on none other than the streets of Atlanta... so here's my inspiration.

I found a home today
At the end of Broad St
Between the two tallest buildings
In the middle of a breeze
Underneath the smell of the streets
And an ear shot away from "You're beautiful baby"

With my hair pulled back
One strap of my shirt slipping down my shoulder
And my pants riding on the low side of my hips

For a long time now
As in several months
I've often found myself
Wanting a home of my own
Because childhood homes have grown stale
And my renting residence coincides with suburbia
A little too much for my taste

But all summer I stepped off the bus
At Peach Tree and Lucky
Just in sight of my favorite little building
And without even knowing it I made a home
Just for me
In the middle of an Atlantian breeze
And smack dab on the street
And wherever that street will take me

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