Sunday, April 6, 2008

Without You

I'm falling apart
To the beat of your heart
With little say in the matter
Of where I'm taken from here
What is lost in the world of fantasy
That makes a reality
That much more screwed up
Taking our own ethics
And universalizing it
To create something new
But who gave the power to you?
And if your reality was not so disruptive
A new brick wall to give
And I run into it everytime
Untill I fould your heart
Put it in line with mine
But it was a ticking time bomb
Breating out of our bodies
So, I'll sing a song
That makes the world turn along
An axis
That has nothing to do with you
Or the messed up things
That you put everyone through
Your box
That you called reality
Gave to me
But now

Life is just so good without you

1 comment:

m said...

Yea, emotions are never quite simple. We often ache for exactly what we should be grateful that God removed from our lives. But again, its never so simple. Do you think we crave that thing until we are the one to push it away, because when WE get rid of it we feel that we are more in-control, but we hate having it (old lovers) ripped from us? AND ISNT IT AMAZING HOW PEOPLE CAN CREATE CONVINCING REALITIES?? I know thats what this poem is about at its core. Ive never been good enough at lying to myself to do that lol. Those people, although entirely fascinating, are exactly the ones to avoid... psychotic psychos!! Crazy crazies!! Alright, I'll stop now lol.