Sunday, April 13, 2008

They Never Stopped Smiling

A world of color
Choosing not to see
Enormous truths to be learned
Midst lies and deceit

Strung out on what shouldn't be
Never intended to be seen
With lovers sleeping
In the wrong beds
At the wrong times
With nothing but half truths
To cover what tears a heart of pride

And they speak of fate
To cover what they don't know
And they are drowning in tears
So they don't have to show

But even in a war torn town
Children still laugh
And even with all that we are taught to break
Marriages still make love that the world can't create

And in the midst of a winter day
We still know the sun is on it's way
Hope abounds where the tangible fails once again
And dreams are still around
Even when sleep ends

For all the pain
And all the joy
There is still color
For the light to magnify
While I sit back and realize
Beauty was made before me


m said...

I really like the underlying message in this- where people fail, God can restore. Furthermore, it is only when people realize that they are destroying their lives, living in isolation from one another, then God can truly begin to work in their lives. Through this poem you speak from a higher perspective, see objective, and understand humanity more wholly. This is wonderful!

Jetoria said...

I really love this poem. It’s gorgeous. Before I read it I was extremely caught up in the chaos of everyday life. My brain was going millions of miles per second and when I sat down to read your poem it all went away. There is such peace in this poem and in your words. It makes me want to escape to this place of beauty and tranquility so that I can be the outsider looking in to the chaotic world. Maybe this place is only in our minds but maybe we can also make it our reality. Maybe the only way it can be our reality is through Christ. For what other peace do we know? I don’t know . . . but I really like this poem . . . . you’re quite gangsta with your words . . . yeah . . . okay now to the poem . . . actually that’s all I feel. I love how you give us both sides and how they are polar opposites. It makes me nostalgic of what could be and yet what we see. I love how you also make the distinction of how wrong it all is. How a lot of the things we become entrapped with were never supposed to be a part of us. God never wanted this pain and corruption; these lies, deceit, infidelity, and tears. God never wanted us to cry. He never wanted us to have to be broken. He never wanted our dependence to be on fleeting things but only on Him. We are broken to shed off the shells, so that His likeness underneath may be seen. But even in these times when we are broken He weeps because we have to be broken. The thought breaks my heart. You’re right that people use fate to describe the things unknown, the pain they have yet to feel, and the tears they may never cry. But it is just a mask to hide their own scars and wounds. It’s a mask to hide their own tear streaked faces and weather beaten hearts. Pain is so immense in this world. It is one thing that is more or less universal. I love how in the midst of all this sorrow you brought laughter back into the picture. Not just any laughter but that of a child. I remember personally as a child I think that was some of the best laughter. It was so pure and without boundaries. It was laughter that did not yet know/understand pain. In my world there was only laughter. There was nothing else. And then you talk about marriages and that quote is one of my favorites: “And even with all that we are taught to break, Marriages still make love that the world can’t create”. That is truly facebook worthy. Can I post it on facebook? You will definitely get the props of course but I love that quote! I love the realization towards the end that the pain won’t be forever and that it’s a matter of figuring out how long it will last. How long will you have to be that strong because eventually that time will pass. I love the sentence about how hope goes after what is not tangible and how when we are in the situation it is the fuel that promises we will get out. I LOVE THIS POEM!!!