Sunday, April 6, 2008

A Little Immature

I'm sorry
I wasn't strong enough
And this burden in mine to carry
I never intended for my weaknesses
To eat you up
But sin is just that
And I never could see
One from the other
In a black and white family
With a black and white world
With little margin for error
And maybe I was born to be an extremist
Or I'm just a little immature
Sorry that I could not believe you
Because your words meant everything
And nothing
I wanted to believe you
But the best in me was on the line
So, I held on tight
But While I was holding on
You took my heart
While I found myself holding on fast to the air
With nothing but a song
Seeping through my fingers
Out into a world that didn't know
That with all the things I knew how to do
I couldn't handle you
And I've met my stone floors
I've had demons laugh in my face
Going from feeling nothing
To an endless amount of shame
For not being wise enough to know
What you were really saying

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