Tuesday, January 18, 2011


It has become my solace
In the form of movement
Swaying in a silence
Taking in my breath
And handing it back to me
Just to let me know
... I'm still breathing

These are the moments
The ones I have come to crave
In the chaos of seemingly
... All my days
These are my moments
Where my heart is laid bare in my movement
And I don't have to say a word
Just move and breathe
And stop looking at things from the outside
Reflecting back to me

I am perfect
In this moment
Nothing could go wrong
And everything moves
In slow motion
I'm in...
Slow motion

Take my breath and let it cover me
Movement that was always meant to be
Coming from this body
My space
To shake off yesterday

Finding something new
With every turn
Every heart felt beat
With all the energy that will ever be left in this body

This is where stillness found me
While moving

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