Friday, December 3, 2010


Words fail

I speak not with words of much value
Much meaning

The words I utter
Are loud and off kilter
Sarcastic and vulgar
Laughing and insincere

If words are my melody
Than I am singing off key

Words speak nothing of my feelings
Nothing of what is going on inside

Words are merely another mean by which I'm lying

This all seems shallow
All seems below the bar
And I'm drowning in the lack of depth

It was so long that I tried not to care
And now I can't find the words to say
That I love you

It's the irony of life

It's not just the cat that has my tongue
I'm a chronic mumbler

Chronically saying all the wrong things
Hoping that one day
I will be a little more honest about

Just a little more
A slight bit of something sincere enough
That it's worth the burst of anxiety that I get
Knowing that I am at my weakest
Where I find strength

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