Wednesday, December 22, 2010


My feelings are shallow
Flying below to radar
Scraping the ground

It used to be but moments
But now there are stretches
That lengthen into time
Measured by years
Where I feel
Really feel
The life-will-never-be-the-same
Eat-sleep-breathe to the depths of human emotions
Laying on the raw humanity of all things felt within
Sort of emotions

I may be preoccupied
Too busy to feel
I may be shallow
Preferring puddles over the oceans where I once swam
... or drown
I call it how I see
Which changes
Depending on the day

Or maybe
Just maybe
This is what they talked about when they condescendingly said
"You won't feel this way forever
One day, you'll grow up"

Is this growing up?
Is everything still intact?
Just presenting differently
With the time that tends to morph all things

Will I skim by on the ice of this life...
Feeling little but the hint of cold beneath me
Is this the way things will always be...

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