Saturday, December 4, 2010


Sincerity is a destination
Maybe a lifetime worth of a journey
But I want to start traveling

I am sincerely hurting
And it's the happiest I will ever be

Honesty once set me free
And again
It will be the only key
To my freedom

So, here is honesty
I am painfully living

Existing in the knowledge
That it all happened again

And it's in all the wrong places
Faces that I don't understand
And every last bit of my safe spaces
Have been invaded by this

I don't understand

Is all I have to give

And if time brings understanding
Than I will wait forever

I am done burying
Done fearing
Half way living
Scared to be honest

I will wait

I will wait for the Lord
For Honesty
For everlasting Love
To come set me free
And I am prepared
To wait up until my last breath and all the time that I am warranted

Life is a surprisingly short things
And I am tired of waking up wondering
Why time didn't heal my wounds
And why the man in my bed didn't make me feel any better
About all the others

I am tired of waking one day older
With half the wisdom and energy

I will be here
And I will be waiting
For freedom
For understand

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