Monday, May 17, 2010

A Second Chance

I walked away
With a slight bit of regret in my footsteps
Smashing the nevergoingtohappen do-overs
Between the souls of my shoes and the worn down cement

I took the pages written
Turned them into flames from my back window
And watched it burn
Took the evidence of life
And let it go

Told you to keep walking the other way
With my hand held out
Pushing against your chest
A friendly reminder
Of the distance between us
Keep walking

These streets claimed me when I wasn't looking
Took the best of me and blended it with the street signs
And subway stations
The graffiti
And the people dancing on the streets
Seemingly unaware they only they hear
The beats blairing for their headsets

Sometimes the memories flake away
Like mascara from my eyelashes
And polish from my toes
As my always exposed feet
Hit the sidewalk over
And over
Music to my ear

This smog is my friend
Speeding up my mortality
The way that cigarettes once did
But without that comforting feeling

Oh the buildings
I breathe them in
Each one a second chance
Half of which I took

Dispite the unwelcome words that were given
This list is perfect
Nothing that I can't reach
With a little ambition

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