Saturday, May 8, 2010


We held hands at inconvenient times

I believe that we may have been slightly

There were several moments
In between the sweat that are hands were exchanging
Where I found myself wondering

Who I am replacing?
You held my hand more tightly than how you knew me
I wasn't born yesterday
Who am I playing today?
Who am I pretending to be?

But I guess it's alright
Because I was using you too
I wasn't ever planning on going anywhere

With you

But your hand was nice to hold for a minute
Just to remember what it felt like
And how little I enjoy it

They always try to tell me
Tell me
Telling me

Because being highly uninformed bystanders
Makes them the appropriate people
Tell me

Apparently I will feel different
When I find the one..
When the time is right...
I will feel differently

They say I will love that way
One day

But I'm not sure that I want to
I've never loved that way
And the whole...

I love your guts can't live without and don't want to live without you eat sleep drink and breathe you in... kind of love.

Doesn't strike a bell
I just have a creative sort of imagination

I can love a friend
Even a stranger

But soul mates?
I don't want you to know me

I guess I will just believe
That maybe they know best

Or maybe God isn't so black and white
Wrong or right

Mother but not a wife... ?

Grey is all too familiar

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