Thursday, February 18, 2010

Write It Down

Is there anything left to be written?
Has it all been said?

My perspective is not that different
And my God remains the same

They always said I reached too high
Too far

But I would like to sing a new song
Write a new letter

I wish to describe my God in ways that have yet to be written
And yet to be read

To capture a moment in everything that is holy
Everything that is beautiful
To throw it all onto a page
And read it with tears
Take all the emotions that I can muster up
And throw them into a verse
About my Savior

Tell the world how good He is to me
That I have something to live for now
And there is no doubt in my mind
That I would not have survived
Without Him
That I still have no life sustaining abilities on my own

I depend on Him completely
And I need to write it perfectly
I need to see it on paper
And then say it out loud

I am desperate to let it out
Into a world everything is "take it or leave it"
And they do with it as they please
But I need to let it out of me

A way to describe the love that we feel
The love that moves through my bones and my cells
And flows into the world
Where I know that Love will save us all

Salvation is here
Just open your eyes

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