Tuesday, February 2, 2010


You called me wild
Said that I could never be tamed

And I believed you

I settled down with polite jokes
And silent smiles

I put on my floral print dress
And fell plain

I was everything
Everything for something

And now
I wish to be me

I know that you didn't know me when

When I was in middle school
And I looked at myself in the mirror like an alien
Like a curse because surely God didn't love me
If He did
Then why did He give me this face and body?

You didn't know me when

Never saw how hard it was for me to grow into my skin
To realize that I could speak
And someone might listen
You don't know me

You don't know the day
That I realized people like me this way
With all my crazy
And my perfectly hidden domesticated abilities
My loud laugh
And my silent contemplation
This is the way He made me
Because He loves me

And if tame is what you called being her
Than I'd rather be me

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brilliant. everyone is beautiful, inside and out, and we should never let anyone tell us differently.