Tuesday, March 10, 2009

A Weed

A weed in an endless breath taking garden
Of things not understood
Feeling different from everything around
Unable to see that it was choking itself
Choking out what it's blind eyes were unable to see
A life force
So strong it breathed
Through the leaves
And pedals of the most beautiful flowers
Ever seen
Mingling themselves into a world of color
Filled with energy
The kind that makes us breathe
When we exit the womb
And previous life sources are cut with a dull knife
Seeming like pain
That brings us into life
And can a weed turn into a beautiful flower?
No, it must be destroyed
And regrown
Into the same spirit
But shinning with a supernatural beauty
With that same energy
Always meant to be received
But weeds are unable to see
So in the own strength one can not open a blind eye
But must reject all natural things
And give up
Just in time to be grown anew
Into something more beautiful
More like You

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