Thursday, March 19, 2009

The end of our story

I feel this wasting away
You know
The way you know that you're going to move soon
So you stand
As still as you can
Trying to fight the hand
That you were dealt without permission

It's bittersweet
But it will get better
It always does
I'm learingn again
To let go of who I was
Yesterday or years ago
It's still the past
Which ever way you go
And love may come again
Or this may be the end
But I'm not the one writing
I didn't jot down history
I just know that God still holds me
Even if this is the end of our story


Chelsea said...

Love it. It's sort of funny that I randomly went to your blog today and this is the top poem. God is always holding us...and as one story ends, He's preparing you for a new one that is part of His glorious plan for your bright future-how wonderful is that?

Allison said...

I like this one.