Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Empy Quests

It must have been a few years ago
I loved to smoke alone
A solace representing
All the people I was around
And how alone I felt

But now I dread that balcony
Walking out alone
By myself for the first time in weeks
Secretly wondering
If I will have to face another demon
A different one
A new one that I don't completely understand

And then I wonder if he knows
That he was my favorite broken heart
He never did me wrong
Or at least not like the rest of them

And remove it from me
Because I may be
The only person on this planet
Who doesn't want to be in love
Never again

So why do I chase rainbows?
As if there is something at the end
Or maybe it's about the journey
To finding that I pick impossible quests
Like games
Like something to remind me why I love to pull down the rain
And stand like a final day
Where I was deciding again
Who I will serve today

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