Sunday, February 20, 2011

Dead End Road

I hope you know
That when this all ends
For the love of my emotional health
Let's say...
Sooner rather than later

I will never cry for you
I sit with all intend of having control
And I do
I've been saying it over and over
But you're not listening
Not speaking and not listening
Serving as an irrelevant member of exchange

I know it's who I am again
And I know that I did it to myself
And I'm just a little disappointing

I will always be the distraction
I will never be the one
Never the love
Never the lifetime
I will also serve to divert reality
With my smile
My laugh
That find themselves grounded only in the

Every time I do this to myself
I distrust the world a little more
And I'm oozing the loathing that I've been nurturing
All these years
Of realizing
That maybe this is all I will ever be.

I will never cry for you
But I may shed a tear for those before you
If only I had known
Where this would take me...
A dead end road

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