Friday, January 22, 2010

Your Face

I do not see you the way I used to
I no longer see you for who you are
Or what you mean to me

I see you as the face of all the people who hurt me
The ones who told me to shove injustice under the rug
For the sake of sparing drama
The one's who told me that I was not worth pressing charges
That is how I see you

Your ignorance leaked those words
And what I used to look past

I can't anymore

Because when I see you
I see them

I see everything pressing against me doing the right thing
And isn't life hard enough?
Without your incessant understatements blocking the path

It's your face

It says those words over and over again to me
It's screams vengeance
It screams
Blowing out my ear drums
Bringing me to my knees
Clasping my ears
Begging it to stop
Begging you to stop telling me

That I am not worth the right thing

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