Sunday, January 3, 2010

Love, My Love

Love was a many splendid thing

Love was all that breathed through trees
Catching the life in me
As it flew by too quickly

Hope is where I sit
When I can't remember
The feeling
Can't find the feeling
Lost in my own feelings

Punctured veins dripping life
From the tree of love
From me

Stretched out on a gurney
With my love laying next to me
Hooked up to machines
Pulling the life out of us
Sucking the soul out of a body
And leaving up sitting
Staring as if we can not remember the other's name

I don't know you anymore
Love, my love
I can not see you anymore
Love, my love

I think
As if you were a dream
Leaving me wondering
If it ever happened
If I ever had something good
That slipped out of my fingers
Dragging me back into the street
Where I stand alone
Fighting life alone
Holding love alone

Being the one who everyone else can depend on

The lonely rock

The hollow standing place

The blood drained lifeless puppet
Begging for my strings to be pulled

1 comment:

Michelle said...

Sad but beautiful.

I especially liked this part:
"Love was all that breathed through trees/ Catching the life in me/ As it flew by too quickly"

You definitely have a way with words. =)