Friday, August 14, 2009


Tried to explain innumerable times
And continue
Possible to the very day
I'm taken away

Words never wrapped around it
Minds left to wonder
How great a Love
Desperate for a savior

I remember
Down to the very core of my being
Forgetting pride for the first time
Admitting my own need
Laying on the same floor
Until I heard something
That life and death feeling

I desire that floor
My heart yearns for the same desperation
That I felt back then

And I know
That today I need a savior
The same as I needed Him years ago

It's the prayer of my being
Every cell in my body exhales
The same need

I will sing a song about the indescribable
A love that sinks to the core of my being
And tells me that I'm not alone
Even when no one is around

My parents are six feet down
And I'm on the floor again
Breathing through the cracks in the wood

Exactly where
Love finds me

And everything I have
Is nothing that I ever wished for
Nothing I ever deserved

It's bigger than a little girl dreamed
Brighter than the crayons stains
More lovely than the dresses and pearls
The imagination of a little girl

Deeper than all the depths of me

Love in a Savior

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