Tuesday, January 6, 2009


Once upon a time
(The only proper way to start a fairy tale)

There was a love
Larger than life
The love that only an eternal bond can create
Existing between two
And only two
Like a great secret
Kept of no selfish reason
But mearly because it could be felt
Like an earth quake
And natural disasters need no words
We just feel

And like any two lovers
They made the world so small beneath them
That it became the dirt they walked on
And the water they drank

Knowing that we bring something to the world
Good or bad or exceedingly beautiful
The love they made
Shaped the flowers
And the clouds
With the very substance of it's beauty
It's well kept secret
And strongest desire

That hearts began to mend
Mothers rekindled with children
And a love kept so separate
That of a lover or a mother
Holds so many common bonds
That we place a great deal of faith there
That for every unjust act
Somewhere people are holding hands
And love abounds greatly
A force we long to know

And that of the lovers
And that of the mothers
Is ours
Is Him
The good days
The friendly faces
The things that make life
Exceedingly beautiful

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