Tuesday, December 23, 2014


By the time I realized that I've had too many lovers 

It was too late to take it back

There's a reason that my most intimate relationships have been lived in celibacy 

Because there is a canyon between my heart and my body 
Nothing reminds me of the distance more than hands on my skin 
Speaking of the distance it takes to get to my heart
The barriers between my body and the whole of me 

I couldn't stomach the thought of the first two being the only people
Swirling around that place in my life

I found 3 in a haze hoping he could at least take a third of the space 
Give me something else to think about 
The same way I felt with 4 and 5 and 6....

Until I realized that stacking blazed disappointed on top of tragedy 
Doesn't make anything better 

It just makes it harder to think 
Gives more pieces to sort
And further separates me heart from my body

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