Sunday, April 1, 2012

Love Never Fails

So near that I felt Your pain in moments

Your love is a mystery
So close that it creeps up next to me
Asking me how much I believe

Your love in an alien
Nothing like anything on this mass of green and blue
It's an invasion
And I'm ready
This place was never home
Everything here
Is so... temporary

For so long I tried to fit Your love into boxes
Places marked "my mind"
Never grabbing
Or jumping with blind faith
Knowing You were the only lover who would ever catch me

Fear found me in my sleep
Seeping into my dreams
Convincing me that unconditional love was something I wanted
But would never be fore me

Fear was the nail
Keeping my feet planted on this earth
Telling me that this place is safe
That salvation was something for people a little more perfect
A little more worthy

Love never fails

I needed rest from this earth
I was drowning in the ocean
And the ground could not hold my feet
And I was gasping
Fear left me gasping
To breathe

Love never fails
Leading me straight

The arms of Christ
Where love found me
And rest took me

Where all the fear that kept me bound
Was set free

And You hold me so sweetly

The only arms to ever carry me

Love never failed me

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