Monday, October 31, 2011


A stillness so strong that it brings me to my knees
Throws pride to the ground
Asking my legs why they are running

Stone cold
Apathy rid my body of joy
And left me.
Without any happiness to speak of
But painless

I need a solace
A year of sleep and some peace
A place to lay my head
And a place to pray
... just until I am whole
Just until I can stand up again with feeling in my body
Asking to live a life worthy

If God can redeem my time...
I need 22 years worth of redemption
And a new life

I need my baby
I need my family

I want life away from this place and an eternity
This world has failed me
They said it would but I just kept fighting
I couldn't stop fighting
The pain
Just long enough to realize that it wasn't the enemy

I don't need a life that's easy
I just need Love

Love me
Set me free

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