Saturday, April 2, 2011

I'm Ready to tell the Story

Had I been born brilliant
I would have kept you guessing
Sometimes it is best to preserve the illusion
At all cost
Illusions have no skin

I found myself rolling through hills
Lacking the ecstasy
Tripping through the city
Searching for my LSD
I landed drunk on your door step
And stoned on your bed

But I'm in my right mind
My right mind

I've been legally down for years
And those were my prescription bottles
I swore
I swear

You're pathetic
And I am more so

Because I wanted you
Even if it was just for a minute
A terrible minute

I am best alone
I am best here
To compete with my mind
And never for your attention
Giving you the false illusion
That you could have ever been
... worth the fight
Worth the trouble

You were everyone else
When I thought about it
Outside of your persuasion
I was sad to find the truth
Hiding behind your smiles
That sadly
Very sad
The world is just as corrupt
As I knew it to be

I knew you
Long before dinners
And attempted dancing
I have known you
Always confused
Always searching for a new destiny

I've always wanted more

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Joanna said...

ooooOOOOOoo girl. That is intense!