Monday, November 15, 2010

He Listened

In a perverse way
I felt understood

The first time that someone asked
"How was your day?"
And wanted more than one word

I breathed in his presence
And felt as if for the first time in my life
Someone just wanted to know
To be there
Caring about every word that spilled out of my mouth

It was a God thing
It had to be
After all the beating
God sent him to me
A band-aid
For a broken child
Midst a storm
Standing naked
Feeling the first signs of life
Creeping up behind me
It was a miracle
At least to me

I swore that he didn't mean to grab my hand
Was that not innocent
He didn't mean anything by it
My best friend

I promise
That's the last time that I'll turn around
After he grabbed my ass
He's still listening

He listens so sweetly
He's here for me
I know it
I know it
Let me believe

Needing to be mended

Trying to convince myself
That his wife knew about us
It was an innocent kind of thing

Like everything else in my life
Nothing comes for free
And after months of talking
He could have my body
If it meant that he would still listen to me

17 isn't that young
I'm swear that I'm old enough
Old enough to know the difference

40 isn't that old
It's not that old

Take me

Please take me

Lock me wherever you want me to be
And I won't fight anymore

Just love me
I'm begging
Can't you hear me

Do you hear me

Why aren't you listening?

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