Sunday, September 12, 2010

My Dreams

I liked it

Here it is
As black and white as it will ever get
And I'm confessing

I loved being that girl
Your girl
And when you said that I was the only one
You ever wanted to come home too
I melted into the carpet and became your puddle too
Hoping that you wouldn't step on me on your way in the door

Step on me
And step through me

I was the face on your mind
And I was supposed to be the woman in your sheets
The one who raised our children
Who burnt chicken
While you swore that you wanted pizza anyway

I would have ask you to speak
When the world didn't want to listen
I would have stayed by your side

For awhile I was your everything
And no matter what I said
That was my smile
My song
My dreams

1 comment:

FerStin said...

Sometimes I wish your blog had "like" button for certain posts...that way I wouldn't have to try to type something articulate about your poem, when all I really want to do is say: "Hey Catie, this is a really good poem."